About Us

About Us

On Green Lake Rentals

Welcome to On Green Lake Rentals!  We are long time established members of the Green Lake community, with a history beginning with the purchase of the family’s first Green Lake estate in 1954. 

logo_no_circleHaving spent many days on Green Lake and in the surrounding area, with family, friends and many guests, it became apparent what most guests were looking for during their visit, and also how much work it was to maintain a large private estate while also attending to full time careers. 

It began as a small effort to help a friend with a rental property, and then three more private estate properties were added.  After 10 years of successful vacation rental and lakefront property management experience for those owners, we have decided to expand the On Green Lake Rentals business, acquire additional top quality vacation rentals, and offer our property management expertise and services to other lake front home owners.  

On Green Lake Rentals offers two types of services.


Premiere Vacation Rentals

Have you ever rented a property for a vacation, only to find that it was less than pristine?  The property felt very un-kept, or it lacked the basic essentials.  Did you spent your time cleaning and providing up keep on someone else’s home while on vacation?  

On Green Lake Rentals, offers quality vacation rentals for visitors to the Green Lake area, for long and short terms vacations, family reunions, golf outings, business events, destination weddings, or extended business stays while working in the surrounding area.  We work with private home owners to ensure that their properties that we represent, meet specific standards are inviting and comfortable for guests, so they may relax, enjoy the Green Lake area, and focus on the real reason why they came here.

Our Mission

To help guests discover the perfect vacation rental or extended stay lake home in the perfect place, “Green Lake”!  To provide knowledgeable information about the Green Lake area, it’s businesses and services, so they may make the most of their stay, and be anxious to return year after year.


Private Owner Property Management Services

For existing lake front property home owners, we provide professional and responsive property management services to those that would like rent their homes on Green Lake, but don’t have the time, or resources required to manage these time consuming services on their own.  We have over 10 years of experience in successfully managing and maintaining the vacation rental booking process and providing professional and responsive property management services for private home owners on Green Lake.  

Our Mission

To maximize owners rental income potential, by providing the owner with experienced, professional, vacation rental and property management services and to aggressively market and effectively manage all aspects of the vacation rental process, estate care, maintenance and cost and profitability of the owners property.


To combine the use of proven and effective management and marketing strategies, internet sites, local, regional periodicals, associations, memberships and business partners to encourage and effectively drive revenue via the rental process.  This will be achieved by maintaining a high level of occupancy through daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly rentals of estates.

By helping our guests enjoy the vacations they deserve, again and again, our home owners can have ease of mind and enjoy the returns that come with opening their homes as vacation rentals.