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Great Things to Do In Green Lake

Green Lake is an amazing small town of 1,200 people at the northeast end of Wisconsin’s natural deepest inland lake.  Green Lake is 237 feet deep at its deepest point.  The average depth of the lake is approximately 100 feet.  Green Lake is 7.3 miles long, 2 miles wide and has 27.3 miles of shoreline.

There are three public beaches.  Hattie Sherwood Beach is located at 451 S. Lawson Drive, and is approximately 1/2 mile from downtown Green Lake.  The beach offers a sandy area for children to play, shallow sandy waters for small children to swim and a raft located approximately 50 feet from the shoreline for guests to swim to.  Hattie Sherwood also has onsite bathrooms and changing house.  The beach is connected to a peninsula that has a tree lined grassy area to sit and enjoy a picnic or just watch the activities on the lake.  

Dodge Memorial County Park also referred to as “County Park”, is the second beach located on the southwest end of Big Green Lake on County Road K.  This is the largest beach area on Green Lake.  Dodge Memorial Park has a children’s park area swings, bouncy toys, and sand for children to play.  The park has a large area for picnicking with stationary charcoal grills provided throughout. There are onsite bathrooms and a changing house located in the center of the park.  The park offers a covered area with picnic tables for family gatherings.  There are three boat launches located at the west end of the park.  The beach is excellent for small children as they can play in the sand or wade in the shallow sandy bottom waters.  Volleyball and other yard games can be played an the lawns of the park. –

Sunset Park is located on the east end of Green Lake along County Highway A.  This park has a picnic area, onsite bathroom/changing house and two boat launches.  The park is a good location to launch your boat or anchor and enjoy the shallow sandy waters.  The shoreline is trimmed with small boulders, which may make it difficult for some to access the water.  The shallow sandy waters at the east end of the make this park great for in water activities, such as in water volleyball, relaxing on a raft, or tossing a football. 


Green Lake has several locations you can launch your own boat or you may rent ski boats, pontoon boats, jet ski’s, wave runners, paddle boats from our downtown Marina’s listed below.

Boat Launches and Fees

Deacon Mills Park – for the experienced launcher – located downtown at 485 Park Drive, west of the Decon Mills Park.  This is generally the busiest launch and has two very wide launch areas. See fees below.

Canal St. Launch – for the novice launcher – located on Canal Street on the south end of downtown Green Lake with access to the mill pond.  The water is shallow and will not be suitable for larger boats, as you will need to access the main lake by going under a bridge.  See fees below.

Hattie Sherwood Park – for the novice launcher in the Green Lake Campground located at 451 S. Lawson Drive.  This launch is used primarily for small fishing boats, as you will need to go under the bridge to access the main lake.

Sunset Park – for a novice launcher. Located at the east side of Green Lake on County Highway A.  Easy access, plenty of parking, sandy bottom and multiple ramps make this the most popular boat launch on the east end of the lake. Picnic tables, grassy areas and swimming make this a great spot for all-day visitors to the lake.

Dodge Memorial Park – for the novice launcher.  Located at the west end of Green Lake at Dodge Memorial County Park on County Highway K.   This location has multiple ramps, piers, plenty of parking and this area is a popular access point for those on the west end of Green Lake.

Fees  The following fees apply to the above launches.   A $5.00 daily boat-launch fee or $30 seasonal pass required.  Green Lake City Residents may pay $20.oo for a seasonal pass.

Duering’s Landing – for an experienced boat launcher.  Located on the east end of Illinois Avenue. This launch offers direct access to Green Lake, is on a relatively steep incline, and does not have a pier at the launch.  There is limited parking. It is free to launch at this location.

Horner’s Landing – for an experienced boat launcher.  Located on Spring Grove Road on the south side of Green Lake.  A popular access point for those on the south or southeast end of Green Lake or those with larger boats. Access to launch is on an incline, pier is available at launch, ample parking.  Free to launch.

Boat and Water Craft Rentals

Green Lake Action Marina – Offers boat rental services for pontoon boats, ski boats, wave runners, kayak, and canoe’s.  Green Lake Action Marina also provides in water gas.  Green Lake Action Marina has two convenient locations:

463 Lake Street, Green Lake – Yellow building, north of the Bayview Motel
485 Park Drive, Green Lake – Large marina, west of the boat launches and the downtown wharf at Decon Mills Park 

You may visit their website at Green Lake Action Marina or reserve water craft by calling 920-745-2600.   

 Activities in Green Lake and the Surrounding Area

Green Lake has many activities and events that occur throughout the year.  The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce provides a description of these events and a calendar of events on their website at